Press Kit

This page is for all the fun, exciting things that are important if you’re the kind of person that is hiring Nolan to sing the beautiful music you are putting on and you’re creating a program or looking to add Nolan’s information to your own webpage or promotional material!


These images are the ones typically used for concerts, operas, and stage performances. For inquiries about other images for use, get in touch using our nifty Contact & Bookings feature.

You can download both suit-Nolan and fancier-Nolan by clicking the links!


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This is for those concert-planners and administrative types looking for information on Nolan. This is a general document, and personalized edits can be made on request.

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list of repertoire performed


This document lists some of the highlight repertoire that Nolan has performed in his brief career, as well as repertoire studied and learned during his education. Kanye West covers and bad Slavic accents not included.